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5 practical step by step guides. No experience needed.

Launch an online business in 8 hours

Stage 1 - Create & Launch Website (2 Hrs)

After these first 8 steps you will have your fully functioning live website, including your own domain name & business email address, landing & blog page, contact forms, email/lead collection and social media integration. Click Here To Have Your Website Started & Finished Today!

Stage 2 - Web, Logo, Ad & Social Banner Edits/Design (1:30Hrs)

In this section you learn functional design, how to use essential tools to edit images you want to use on your website. You will go step by step with me using free tools to create and make basic edits to images, icons, logos, social media banners and ads for your online business.

Stage 3 - UX - User Experience Tips, Tricks & Hacks (1:30 Hrs)

Next you are ready for one of the most important lessons. Here you learn the art of UX and why without it everything will be in vain. Creating the perfect experience for your reader/customer ensuring they will stay on your site long enough to get the value you are providing.

Stage 4 - Content Strategy & Value (1:30Hrs)

Now to add your content to the site, if it’s a personal blog, eCommerce site, affiliate site you will need to find out how to build a web of content that will drive and retain traffic on your site. Here you learn how to provide the type of value that gets you the audience you want.

Stage 5 - Marketing, Leads & SEO (1:30Hrs)

Finally we hit the light switch and boom …… nothing. Lets avoid this common problem. Here we learn how to hack growth and generate customers, followers, readers and leads. In this section you also get a overview of how to implement good SEO to rank in google and other avenues to get eyes on your site.

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